Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rain? Won't stop Venture!

Summer in Texas is usually just - hot! Yesterday they sprayed the gunite and when I came home I did as instructed and watered it so it would not dry out. What happened? It rained most of the night and into the morning. So we figured no work would get done on the pool. In fact since the gunite was completed a day early we figured the rain just put us back on schedule. Right? No! They came out and completed all of the electrical work today - even in the rain! I always thought rain and electricity never mixed but they said they could do it - no problem. So - electrical is now done! They even cleaned off the driveway where the mud/dirt was tracked.

I gotta say it's crazy how fast this is going. Tomorrow it will be one week since the hole was dug. Just one week and we already have the gunite in, electrical done and past our first inspection. Wow!

The round silver thing in the back wall of the pool is the LED light! Can't wait to see it at night!!

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