Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun for Madison

Before we go any further let me give you some history about why we began this journey of trying to get a pool. When our daughter, Madison, was 5 she got to spend some time in a swimming pool and she was like a fish in water. She refused to get out of the pool and was jumping off the side of the pool within just a few minutes. The only other time we had seen her so happy was at Walt Disney World.

Madison was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 18 months and has struggled to gain control over her seizures. Unfortunately she has suffered some brain damage because of the seizure activity over the years and she is unable to enjoy many of the activities that kids her age enjoy. Swimming always came natural to her and she loves it! She has limited speech and couldn't say swimming she would always call it "fun". So when Madison says she wants to go "fun" she means she wants to go swimming.

We got the pool bug 5 almost 6 years ago when we saw how her face lights up when she is in the pool. Unfortunately we had just moved into a new home and new it would be a few years before we could get a pool. A few years ago we made a serious attempt at purchasing a pool but still did not have enough equity in the home. As Madison got older it became more important to us to get her that pool. Her seizures have robbed her of childhood friends to play with and the ability to do fun things together. As her parents we are determined to make her life as enjoyable as possible and that means a pool! So we decided to try again this year. So this blog will not only be about the journey of building a pool but also about the wonderful people we have met along the way.

So far we have encountered three wonderful people. John Higdon & Chris Miazga from Venture Pools and Scott Pleasant from Paramount Capital. The first time we met John was the night we got home from the hospital. Madison had a seizure inside of a Target Store the night before and we spent the next 24 hours in two different ER's. So when John came to the house Frank and I had not slept at all but we didn't want to lose our appointment because the pool meant too much to us and to Madison. John was wonderful - he forgave all the sleep deprived comments and gibberish. He understood our need for safety and shading in and around the pool. He listened and made the entire process easy and stress free!! We certainly needed that after the night we had in the emergency rooms in Rockwall and Medical City. I am not sure how many changes we went through but John acted as if it didn't bother him in the least. It's important that you are happy with your pool and that's all that matters he kept saying. He was truly amazing. Once we settled on the pool we wanted it was time to work through the financing which is where we began talking with Chris Miazga with Venture. Unfortunately purchasing a luxury item like a pool in these economic times is not the easiest thing to do. In fact I think we were told it would be easier for us to purchase a 50k car than a pool. I guess cars really are easier to repo than a pool! Chris didn't give up and he was great through the entire thing very informative and helpful.

It was during the finance process we came across Paramount Capital and spoke to Scott Pleasant. I will say this - his last name is very fitting. He was extremely pleasant to talk to and work with throughout the entire finance process. He explained each step of each process discussed our options with us and guided us in the right direction. I genuinely believed Scott had our best interest at heart. I just can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Scott at Paramount Capital.

In the mail today we got a package from Scott. He sent a goodie bag filled with pool toys, t-shirt and hat all of which were wonderful and truly unexpected. But what I loved the most was the hand written card to my beautiful daughter wishing her "fun" in her new pool. I had told Scott that Madison calls swimming fun and not only did he remember but he thought enough of her to send her a card with a great goodie bag and anyone who knows Madison knows she loves her bags!!

So - I think this brings us up to the present day. Back to our regular blogging program.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Madison's Pool Blog

This blog will be to journal the construction of our backyard pool.

We have been trying to get one for years and we are now able to make it happen

Some basic info for reference:
  • Pool Company : Venture Custom Pools (Plano Texas)
  • Dimensions: 27.5Lx 17W
  • Depth: 3ft to 5ft
  • Estimated build time: 5 weeks
I will post a before picture to start this blog off, then post some more pics as things progress.