Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day One - Play by Play

This is the first picture of the day - they started with removing sections of the fence.

I just went to get a cup of coffee and they had both sections of the fence down. These guys work very fast!!
Levels are up and ready for action... Let the digging begin!
The fence sections are down time to start marking out the pool!! That's the superintendent from Venture - very nice guy!!

Yep he is going for it - gotta get the posts out of the way so he can get through.....

That's the fence post being pulled out of the ground like straw coming out of a to go cup... too easy.....
They made it through the alley and the fence...doom is near for the old concrete patio and walk path.

They started with the walk path to the patio it was loud and really close to the house.. The guy that was operating the trackhoe did a great job and really got into some close places!

Once the trackhoe got in the backyard it was straight to the concrete patio...

Bye Bye you ugly patio - I always hated you!! Didn't take much effort with the trackhoe just a couple of hits and it broke in half! Completely crazy to watch that close to the house!

This is the spa and the view from our kitchen window... had to move inside to take the picture as there was a lot of activity happening....

And they are done! Packing up and heading out for the day. Back tomorrow with more pictures of plumbing and rebar....

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  1. man.. i can't wait lol, can't imagine u guys haha