Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clean up - Wow what a great job they did!

So today was clean up day and prepare for the pre-plaster inspection. I gotta say I was ready to come home and not see the all of the left over junk that came along with getting the pool put in but I wasn't even remotely prepared for what I came home to!

Of course, they cleaned up the "junk" but they also leveled the ground around the pool where they had dug for the plumbing and the pool area. We were all prepared to do that after the fact. We were also prepared to have the swing set moved because it was too close to the pool for my liking... They moved the swing set too!!! I couldn't believe!! Oh and my fence is back up!! Now that's a sure sign the installation is almost complete. Today - by the way - is week #2!!!!

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